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Root canal treatment-the life saving straw

Root canal treatment-the "life-saving straw" that keeps real teeth

The teeth that seem extremely hard are actually hollow inside. Those hollow structures are filled with dental nerves and blood vessels, and the nutrition and sensory functions of the teeth are maintained by them. When the tooth has caries or trauma, it is easy to cause infection inside the root canal. Once the inflammatory secretions in the root canal press the tooth nerve, it can cause pain, sometimes severe pain. Root canal treatment is a more thorough method of treating dental pulp, including pulp extraction, root canal preparation, disinfection, and filling.


Root canal file treatment is a treatment process for the lesions of teeth, pulp and apex. A treatment that removes the necrotic substances in the root canal, performs appropriate disinfection, and fills the root canal to remove the adverse stimulation of the root canal contents to the tissues around the root apex, preventing the occurrence of periapical lesions or promoting the healing of periapical lesions method. Avoid tooth extraction, retain our natural teeth to the greatest extent, stop toothache

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