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Definition of dental instruments

Stomatology is one of the classifications of medical disciplines. Generally, it mainly performs diagnosis and treatment of orthodontics, whitening, and dental restorations (including whitening restorations). It also carries out endodontic disease, periodontal disease, periapical disease, root canal treatment, Ion, composite resin light curing fillings and prevention and treatment of dental diseases in children and other clinical diseases.

Dental medical equipment, also known as dental medical equipment, according to the definition of Baidu Encyclopedia, dental medical equipment refers to a variety of small portable tools specifically for use in dentistry, known internationally as dental instruments. It mainly includes dental mobile phones, oral mobile phone sterilizers, dental extraction forceps, dental stiffeners, dental excavators and other surgical instruments, manual dental appliances, dental rotary appliances, dental syringes, root canals, etc.

According to the author's understanding, the broad range of dental medical equipment not only includes various surgical instruments used in clinical dentistry, but also includes dentures, dental lamps, dental drills, dental mirrors, dental treatment machines, orthodontic equipment, cleanliness used in dental medicine. Dental equipment, dental filling equipment, dental resin, dental model, dental chair and other professional equipment and consumables.

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